Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blog Tips: It Takes a Blog Village

The folks behind The Blog Guidebook have started a new Blog Club program that links a group of 5-6 bloggers together to provide support, ideas and inspiration for each other. What a great idea...I'm in!

Shortly after signing up I received my group info, and I now have 5 other blogging friends that are dedicated to providing me with information and inspiration to develop my best blog - and I will do the same for them. After all, it takes a BLOG village ;-)

Check out the program at The Blog Guidebook for yourself, and check out my newest blogging buddies.

Helen at The Blog Exhibit is passionate about helping other women establish a lifestyle that suits them, including earning money while staying focused on family. She's also obsessed with all-things-coffee and the country design associated with it, and is true to her faith.

Also new to the blogging world is Alli at Smalli Cat. I love the happiness and cleanliness of her blog template. She's sharing the things in her life that bring happiness.

If I just looked at the colors and the design aesthetic of Lisa's blog header at Joyful Jones, I would almost think she was Scandinavian! After an interrupted break in blogging, she's back to share her style of joy-filled living. Lisa also has a great giveaway with a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card, a Nicholas Sparks book, and a book tote - so get over the today to enter!

Kelly with Coupons, Crafts and Causes has merged her love of bargain shopping, crafts, and charitable giving/volunteerism. She provides information honed from her own years of learning to live thriftly and wisely combined with the handcraft skills past to her from her Grandmother.

Oh My Moomin is the blog face for Anne, who blogs about all things interesting under the sun. She's also challenged herself with the blog to see if she can finally keep a project going. There's no button yet for Anne...but we'll help her to get one soon :-)

There you have it. My latest blog therapy group. Visit The Blog Guidebook if you want to get involved in a support group of your own.

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  1. I'm annoyed with the blog guidebook, I posted about them and emailed them twice and they still haven't put me in it!

  2. I guess they did show my giveaway and link party

  3. Jackie - I think they might be a bit overwhelmed with the positive response. How much time has passed since you emailed? It took about a week or so before I got feedback on the group.

  4. Michael thank you so much for this page about our group. You have already given me so much help! And I can see why you already have almost 60 people following your blog. Way to go!


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