Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pallets Still On Trend With Repurposers

There have been some jaw-dropping wooden pallet projects this past year and each one I find seems to up the anty over the last. However, there have been as many concerns raised about using these wood remnants for fear of chemical treatments and bacteria.

Not only has Donna over at Funky junk been at the forefront of some great pallet DIY projects, she is also providing solid information about what to look for and consider when working with pallet wood.

Hop over to Funky Junk and pick up some good ol' fashioned inspiration for pallet creations. Her latest is an outdoor sofa just the right size for her and her son.

And you'll find LOTS more DIY pallet inspiration on this Pinterest Board. For little-to-nothing cost, you can't beat the price of DIY wood pallet projects!

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On Twigs and a Song: Repurposed DIY Chandelier

There is nothing that makes my heart sing more than a beautifully made repurpose. In this case, it was B.E. Interiors with repurposed twigs (free from the local forest), resulting in a spectacular knock-off.

The inspiration:

The result:

Can it be possible that the knock-off is actually better than the original?

B.E. Interiors is a new blog that actually started within days of my own and for one of the same reasons...Miss B.e.e. needed a creative outlet for a new life-cycle. That's enough to make me feel bonded from the very beginning! If you haven't yet stumbled upon her incredible and enviable DIY furniture and decor, do take the time to hop over and have a look around. I promise you'll end up staying a while - and you'll enjoy every minute of your visit! Tell her I sent you.

Until next time...

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It's Made From What? Repurposed Bag

I am having some serious blust over this silver metal bag. Do you see what it's made of?

How about now?

Did you guess can pop tabs?

Escama Studio has upped the 'repurposed anty' with their beautifully made bags and accessories. It's a great story of handcrafting women at a Brazilian co-operative. I would SO carry one of these! Wouldn't you?

Until next time...

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Monday, August 29, 2011

80+ Best DIY Paint Chip Projects

Well, I've had my go at using paint chips recently for a baby shower decoration / gift for a friend. And I've since seen some amazing examples of creativity using paint chip cards.  I'm sharing my favorites below, and you too can find inspiration with over 80 projects and pieces of art on this paint chip Pinterest board.

Since the projects / works of art are so fabulous, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Don't forget - there are 80+ paint chip projects to inspire your next work of art at this Pinterest board.

More DIY and repurposed inspiration collections:

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Repurposed Projects That Rock:  here - or here - and here

Until next time...

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Friday, August 26, 2011

DIY Chandelier From Mystery Parts

Beautiful chandeliers, right? Do you see what they are made from?

How about now?

Still not sure? Try this!

Did you guess bicycle parts?

The lamps are designed by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga. Thanks to Trendhunter 'rockstar' Jordan for finding these and posting.

Until next time...

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Semi-Extreme Home (Uh, Office) Makeover - Part II

Time for another episode of the Semi-Extreme Home (Uh, Office) Makeover.

So, while I'm waiting for inspiration to come down and strike me over the head - giving me just the right idea for a window treatment - I finally brought out the message board that I made over 4 years ago (not kidding) alongside my mom who was over here for a vacay visit. And although I was absolutely in love with this message board and she turned out exactly how I wanted, she never found a wall to call home - but survived being moved around umpteen times from storage space to storage space.

Well, now she has a home and is ready to strut her stuff.

Just like the legendary Coco Chanel, she has a lot of skeletons in her closet. For instance, just take one look at her backside and you'll see she's not as fancy as she appears. In fact, she's made from a piece cardboard, batting, some scrap muslin material, and packing tape. However, and just like the original Coco, her accessories are impeccable with vintage ribbon (actually from Paris) and mismatched black vintage buttons. 

How to? Lay the batting over the cardboard, then wrap the muslin around, and glue on the backside. Use the packing tape to hold it in place while the glue dries, and then decide to leave the tape on there forever and ever. Lay the ribbon in place - criss crossing each other to form the harlequin pattern - and glue around on the backside. Again...tape to hold while drying. Find a large, thick needle that will go through the cardboard and thread on your buttons at the connecting points of the ribbon. Use a thick thread or even embroidery threads and tie on the backside. 

How did we hang her? By placing the screws discretely behind the ribbons near each of the four corners. So it looks like she is magically hanging without hardware.

Voila! She's gorgeous, and has found herself a home in the (hopefully) soon to be revealed office remodel.

I can't wait to expand her line of accessories. Right now they include my inspiration for the office, Elianne from Carambatack Design in Norway, and photos of my babes as babies. Elianne will be framed, but until that time she complements Coco.

Now if I could only talk Diane from In My Own Style to come for a window treatment consultation! Well, here's to dreaming.

Until next time...

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Will Social Media Connections Help Us Win?

Yes, this is an unabashed request for your help. No, it has nothing to do with repurposed design. It will, however, have to do with remodeling our home if we win - And I would certainly post the photos :-) So, will the power of social media connections help us win?

We have entered several of our summer photos in a Swedish contest for $1500 worth of outdoor lighting from this place, and our 1971 home needs remodeling and as much help as it can get!

(unfortunately this is not our home)

You can help us by voting on our photos: Click on each of the links below (5 different photos/pages). Find the little buttons from 1-to-5 to the right of photo. Click on '5', then click on button below that says 'Rösta på denna bild'. That last bit is very important or the vote won't register.

Photos pages:

It is simple and only takes 2-3 minutes, and I'm hoping that this power of social media will help us move ahead of the pack.

Leave a comment if you have any questions I can help with...and a big THANKS in advance to those of you who vote.

Until next time...

Simple, Beautiful, Repurposed, and Organic - Wood DIY Projects

I'm a sucker for organic repurposing, which is why I think this vase made from birch bark is simply beautiful. It would be the perfect table centerpiece for an engagement or wedding party.

Of course a log end table like this cutie on legs could be the perfect place to set my hot chocolate during the cold dark winters of Sweden. And isn't that chair just divine?

I've shown you this wall piece in a previous post, but it certainly deserves a place here among this 'repurposed and organic' theme. What I love most is that these little slices are repurposed...they were first used as placecard holders at a wedding reception.

I wouldn't mind having a small path somewhere in the garden like this delightful sliced wood walkway.

This heart makes me want to run to the forest right now and start picking up sticks.

I love the idea...but have no idea how they were able to get the tops of these logs so even. I'd also be too tempted to throw them in the fireplace on a cold evening.


There's something a bit dark about this wall sculpture, but I like it!

We're seeing more and more reclaimed wood walls out there. It's the perfect modern-day paneling for your home.

The list could go on and on, so we'll stop here today. As my husband always says (when we miss doing or seeing something), "It gives us something to come back for"!

See you again soon.

Until next time...

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bottles - Recycled and Repurposed

Well, this just goes to show that you can never have too many empty (glass) bottles laying around. After all, look what you could create with them over the weekend -

a humble ceiling bottle design

Yes, it's a house made of bottles

A wall of bottles in the garden

Bottle Trees

bottle art

OK, maybe saying '...a weekend' was stretching it a bit. But, I bet you could pull out one of these projects below in a weekend with the right tools and inspiration!

Bottle tree

wine bottle vases

bottle vases

bottle light

I am blusting over those bottle trees! Need to try one for myself.

Until next time...

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