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Creating Success Around the World - Ina Olavarria

What do I love most about hosting the European leg of the Creating Success Around the World global blog hop? The interaction with artisans from diverse cultural backgrounds, and the realization of how similar we are despite our differences.

Sure, I might sound a bit daft when I use Google Translate to send off my interview questions - but I do it with the best of intentions to allow the creative that I'm interviewing to communicate in the comfort of their own language. I just recently read that Facebook has reduced the 6 degrees of separation to 4 with their social media conglomerate. Surely Google Translate also contributes to making the world smaller, one questionably translated communication at a time. This week I'll be trying to translate Ina's interview to English, but I've also decided to post her replies in their original Spanish form as well.

Now, on to the show.

This week's European creative showcase:
Ina Olavarria

Who:  Ina at Ina Olavarria
Where:  Barcelona, Spain

If you missed it, I recently wrote an article for Artizen Magazine that showcased the recycled art festival Drap-Art 2011 in Barcelona (page 30). Ina was featured in that article and I wanted to take this chance to ask Ina a few more questions for our global blog hop.

BVC:  When did your passion for recycled art begin?
Ina:  It began small when I recycled my own clothes or those I found in flea markets, then transformed to give them a new life.
Desde pequeña que reciclo mi propia ropa o la que encuentro en mercados de segunda mano, para luego trasformarlas y darles una nueva  vida.

BVC:  Do you work full time as an artist, or do you also have a "day job?
Ina:  It's hard to devote to creative work, it requires years of experience. I am slowly developing projects that in some way or another relate to art and design, which are an increasingly important part of my income.
Es dificil dedicarse por completo al trabajo creativo, esto requiere años de experiencia.
Yo poco a poco voy desarrollando proyectos que de alguna u otra manera se relacionan con el arte y el diseño, los cuales son una parte cada vez mas importante de mis ingresos.

(note from BVC:  Ina also holds creative workshops, and my favorite is the 'Arms and Hugs' where she uses children's natural movements to weave recycled clothing)

BVC:  Do you have any tips for others who want to sell their creations?
Ina:  Have a good design in the right place. In other words, create something that your target audience wants and find the right place to sell where your products are valued accordingly. One example is the designer who organized the 2010 study "Knitwear" with other artists in Barcelona, where the products were exposed as a work of art and people could watch as we created.
Un buen diseño en el sitio correcto,,,me refiero a crear algo en coherencia al publico a quien va dirigido y buscar un espacio donde sean valorados dentro de su mismo contexto al momento de venderlos. Un ejemplo son los diseños que desarrolle mientras compartia estudio el 2010 en "Generos de punta" con otros artistas en barcelona donde los productos eran expuestos a modo de obra de arte y donde la gente podia ver directamente como los haciamos. 

BVC:  What is the do-it-yourself (DIY) and crafts in Spain?
Ina:  There are groups in Spain that are promoting creative recycling, like Makea in Valencia  and Truca rec in el Pais Vasco. Thanks to these organizations and other workships that are held at community centers and organizations, a culture of DIY has developed. In Barcelona we focus on Reparat Millor que Nou.
Existen colectivos que promueven esta manera de promover el reciclaje en españa como Makea en Valencia y Truca rec en el Pais Vasco. Gracias a esto y a muchos talleres que se realizan a nivel de centros civicos o asociaciones, se va creando una cultura de DIY. En Barcelona podemos destacar el trabajo de Reparat Millor que Nou.

(note from BVC:  Reparat Millor que Nou is an organization and structure that provides the facilities and know-how to repair, upcycle or exchange existing items. Millor que Nou translates to 'better than new', and includes initiatives for 2nd hand markets, self-repair, training, markets and exchange sites - all with the intention to recycle and reuse).  

BVC:  What is your "dream" project?
Ina:  A clothes forest, full of color and textures.
Intervenir un bosque con ropa, llenandolo de color y texturas.

BVC:  Can you share three artists who use recycled items that you think our readers should see?

Karol + Bergeret

Andrea Crews


BVC:  Fill in the blanks: If I were in Paris, I...
Ina:  ...would go to the flea markets.
...daria un paseo por el mercado de las pulgas.

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  1. Such gorgeous bright photos -and an interesting insight into Ina's work! Thanks for introducing her to us! I'm off to check out the other recommendations she gave too!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Hi,
    In your site you teach us how to use old woolen clothes ,so thanks for all....


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