Friday, April 20, 2012

1 Top, 16 Ways to Wear it

Today has really been a day of 'how to see things differently'. And in the process, I landed on some great videos that really have me rethinking how to use my wardrobe. And there's a bonus - no sewing!!!

In this first video, the super cute video host shows 1 sweater and 16 ways to wear it! But I'm quite sure this could work with a nice long top as well - at least I'm gonna give it a try!

She also shows 30 ways to wear a button down shirt. I'm more keen to try the sweater, but what's more important here is that she really has me thinking about what's possible in a new way.

I absolutely loved seeing this example from a young lady who inherited a top from her dad. When I see someone this young that is willing to experiment with repurposing, I have great hope for the future!

There are so many examples out there - now I just need to get some pieces out and experiment! How about you? Would you wear any of these styles?

Until next time...


  1. I love this!!! And you are exactly right about learning to look at things differently - not as what they are, but what they could be.

  2. Great ideas and yes I would love to try a number of them.

  3. i just stumbled on your site and HAD to comment because my name is Michael also!! i read your about me and love your story, so funny to hear someone telling the same stories. best part is, i didn't only date a michael, i ended up marrying a michael... talk about confusing everyone! i will definitely be following your crafty adventures on this blog now :]


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