Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ego - and Blogging

"I suck." That's what I think every time I put some kind of public message out there that looks like this - "I'll get that tutorial up for you this week!" - already knowing that I'm overextended and have little-to-no-chance of getting that tutorial posted. And then this week becomes next week. And then the guilt starts loading up. And then I start beating myself up for not getting to it yet. And then I start thinking about it when I should be thinking about something important, like my family or my work. And then I start thinking everyone is waiting for it and I haven't delivered. And so on, and so forth. Anyone with me on this?

Then, in an attempt to save my sanity, I go 'Oprah' on myself. "Why do you get upset that you don't have time to do everything you want to do? Is that your ego getting in your way?" And then I tell myself that I am good enough just by being me, and doing what I can within the time that I have. And I am sharing good information when I can. And I am a good mom. And my kids will be okay when they get older. And I am smart enough to be an expert at my job. And so on, and so forth. 

I saw that Ego was a topic this week on Oprah's new life class. And it's a word that I've had so much experience with during this lifetime - and on so many levels -  from both within myself and from others - that I sat down and took the time to watch the webcast with her and Eckhart Tolle. I definitely got some new things to think about in that hour. And new ways to become aware of my ego, and others' egos, and how ego elbows its way in to so many different situations.

I recognize a lot of those situations here in blogland. I'd like to think I'm evolved, but I'm definitely guilty of letting my ego sneak in and sometimes even take over. Do you compare the number of followers you have to the number of followers a 'popular' blog has? I have. Ego. Do you wonder why they have so many followers and you don't? I have. Ego. Do you look at the number of Google followers a fellow blogger has, then look at their archive to see how long they've been blogging so you can see if you are ahead or behind their popularity? I have. Ego. Do you get a twinge of envy when a fellow blogger announces some great news that will either boost their visibility or give some kind of financial reward? I have. Ego. Do you ask yourself why your blog isn't good enough for a magazine to approach you for a feature? I have. Ego. 

As embarassing as it may be to put all of those things above in writing - I am always trying to better match my intentions with my actions. What does that mean? It means that when my intention is to celebrate the creativity and success of others - I need to embrace that creativity and success - without judgement of myself or others.  

It means that I have to check - and double check - my ego at the door when I see good things happening to fellow bloggers, and I remind myself that someone else's success doesn't negate me in any way. Nor should it threaten me. It means that I work hard to genuinely appreciate the talents of other DIYers, without trying to compare my projects to theirs, or think that I am somehow 'less than'. And it means that I am really coming to terms and embracing 'my voice' in blogland - one that promotes DIY design and decor made from materials that already exist on the planet. It's that voice that I am most passionate about. And it is that voice that gives me the most pleasure. 

It is my ego that thinks my blog should be more than what it is. It is my real evolved self that knows it is exactly what it needs to be.

Until next time...


  1. You are too much! I've just recently started blogging and can't even get my family to click onto it let alone followers. I do it because I like it. I think of it as a public diary. If anyone wants to get it, fine, if not hey I'm still enjoying it.
    I love your blog and project ideas. I love what you did with the message within the blog, "good intentions here". Priceless. Keep up the good work. Diddie at citicasita.

  2. Great post! I've often looked at others numbers and compared but then I think about how much higher the chance is for dealing with more spam and haters and I'm kind of relieved I just have my little space I love supported by bloggers I adore. It is hard not to compare. My issue with ego is it tends to make me more defensive. I don't like it but there it is I squashed my ego enough to admit it. :-)

    You have a fantastic blog! It looks smart and full of great ideas. I fully see your good intentions here.

  3. yes, that ego thing can be troublesome! but I just posted an ego boost for you just 5 minutes ago...great minds think alike?!

  4. LOVE this one Mike !!

  5. Wonderful post. I relate to this very well. Know that you've inspired a ton of creativity in my life, and it is reflected in our now ever-so-artsy home. Keep up the great work!

  6. I love BVC and I love you! The only reason you don't have more followers has to be because people just don't know about you yet :) AND... I get annoyed when people in my blogroll post too often. Don't beat yourself up!!! I wrote this as a message to myself (and to others) as I struggled with my self-worth

  7. Mike! You are fantastic and never ever forget it.
    If you are even one bit annoyed that your ego gets in your own way...that means that your ego is in no way overflated. But it does mean that you care and are working hard for what you want.
    More followers? Time will bring them. Recognition? Keep up the hard work, your fresh ideas. All will be well. Hugs and a big boost from Bees Knees Bungalow. xox Jeanne.

  8. Just so you know, I think you are fantastic! I have been following you for a little while now but I've never commented so far. But I absolutely love reading your blog - it's great!
    I'm still in the babysteps of blogging and your blog is a wonderful inspiration...

  9. I think it's so easy to fall into the trap of feeling like a "bad blogger" but whenever you take a step back, it's always important to remember that such distinctions? Are pretty much just in our heads! And I adore how you spelled out words with the bolding of certain letters, I just love stuff like that!

  10. If there were one thing I would wish from is that they would create a reply option to individual comments. Hello Blogger...are you listening?

    I really appreciate that each of you took the time to respond. And I am chuckling at the irony of the ego boost that it gives me to know that I somehow made a connection.

  11. I tried blogging, but I quit after I had no one following. I felt rejected.(Plus I don't know how to do all the fancy stuff that you do with your blog.)

    I enjoy your blog because you are so creative. Keep bringing attention to how we can reuse, repurpose and relove!


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