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Creating Success Around the World - ReThink Design

Like I mentioned on Facebook today, even though it's the new year - some things should remain the same. Like the showcase of Creatives in the "Creating Success Around the World" global blog hop.

This week's European creative showcase:
ReThink Design

Who:  Linda at ReThink Design
Where:  Göteborg, Sweden  (which also happens to be the hometown of Blue Velvet Chair)

BVC:  When did your passion for creative recycling begin?
Linda:  When I was little I wanted something that did not look like everyone else's clothes, I think that was what got me to start sewing as a hobby. My mum taught me. I´ve had an interest for the enviroment as long as I can remember. My company was started because I wanted to show that we need to think more sustainably about our consumption. And also to combine my interests: sewing, design, enviroment… I have two very strong beliefs, or maybe life motto is the correct term:

Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something.

The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the most of what comes along their way!

recycled T-shirts

BVC:  Is ReThink Design your 'day job'? 
Linda:  Yes, right now its my daily job. But I'm currently looking for a job to combine with the company. I think it’s a bit too lonely sometimes.

recycled thrift fabric

BVC:  I see that you sell products online with Signerat.se (the Swedish version of Etsy). Do you also sell items on other online markets or in retail stores? Have you been able to make an income through creating? And what tips might you have for others who want to sell their recycled products and creations? 
Linda:  The main place I sell my things on is on my own webpage: www.rethinkdesign.se. I also sell on www.signerat.se and recently started a shop on etsy.com. Etsy though seems to take a lot ot time and effort. I sell in a few retail stores in Sweden, and my aim is to expand this side of the business. Yes, today it's my main income, but I also have courses in textile and making them into new things. I have lectures in creating sustainable companies. So my business is more than making products.

My tip is to decide early if you want to do it as a hobby or if you want to make a living out if it. If you want to make a living out if it, you need to be prepared to put in a lot of effort and a lot of time. But for me, its been worth it!

repurposed man's shirt

BVC:  Do you feel that Sweden has a strong arts and crafts network for handmade? Recycled? 
Linda:  To be honest I think that Sweden sometimes is a bit bad in appreciating arts and crafts. I feel that the tradition is stronger abroad. I also think that a lot of customers don’t understand the time and effort behind the product and have comments about the price compared with the clothing companies, etc. But I also think that Sweden is upcoming and usually early adapters for new things and new thinking. So recycled and environmentally friendly things are definitely upcoming!

hand warmers from recycled sweaters

BVC:  What is your 'dream' project? 
Linda:  Ohh, that’s a difficult question. But I have a lot of ideas working in materials other than textile fabric.

winter scarf repurposed as necklace

BVC:  Can you share 3 other Swedish blogs that you think our readers should see?
Linda:  I'm not a very active blog reader. But here are some that I follow for inspiration:

Tant Marit

om jag får be

Elsa Billgren
for the lovely clothes and outfits

Design for Life
One of my partners

BVC:  Fill in the blank: If I were in Paris...
Linda:  ...it would be in spring or summer, I would go and have a picnic at the Seine with the love of my life ( who I haven’t happened to meet yet…) and then off to a museum and a great flea market. Later that evening, we´ll watch a romantic French movie!

Linda - we live so near each other that we really must meet! We share the same beliefs in recycling and reusing for redesign, and I think we would have lots to talk about. Thank you so much for sharing your time, thoughts, and talent with all of us here at Blue Velvet Chair.

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Now let's hop over to see who's been discovered in North America, Australia, or Asia.

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  1. Linda's work and company sound really interesting. I love that scarf repurposed as a necklace! I'm off to check out her site! Thanks for introducing her to us Michael!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Wow, Linda's work is inspirational.. Sounds very interesting.. That necklace is pretty.. Thanks for introducing her.. I am your newest follower Marilyn here with SMILES>>> http://www.theartsygirlconnection.com/ ..SO much inspiration here.. Can't wait to indulge in more of your posts.. Wishing you the HAPPIEST of NEW YEAR..


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