Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Recycled VHS Tapes

Today I got a question from June on Facebook asking if I had seen any cool crafts using recycled VHS tapes. I just saw a pretty cool book shelf recently on Recyclart that was made completely from old VHS tapes. June's question got me thinking of whether you really could do anything with VHS tapes. Guess what. You can! never cease to amaze me! Let's have a look at what brilliant minds are doing out there with old abandoned VHS tapes. What surprised me the most? How many artists I ran across that are using this material in their works of art.


(I like the funky little pop of orange!)
My Recycled Bags

recycled VHS tape - turned - contemporary art
Adrian Kershaw

Nick Gentry


yes, it's all recycled VHS tape! Even the canopy!
Evelyn Roth

DVD Your Memories

Martina Eriksson

My Recycled Bag

Noonday Collection

recycled VHS casette shelves

Textiles 4 You

Well, I'm shocked at what people have found to do with old VHS casettes. June, I hope you find some inspiration in here to do something with yours. Come back and share with us if you do!

Until next time...

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  1. Awesome!!! Some great ideas! I can't wait to try some of these ideas. :-) Thanks!

  2. That's so cool! You really can recycle anything, can't you? Well maybe not soggy cereal..well, you can give that to your dog, can't you?

    1. LOL...I had to go look. Well, it may not be soggy now, but it would be if you sprayed some water on it. Look at this art of Obama that I found...made out of cereal!

  3. Mike, this is another great compilation for recycled crafts! I am sure there are at least a couple of ideas I might play with in the nearest future. Thank you for sharing them!

  4. wow fab inspirations , it amazes me what people come up wit ( and makes me a little bit jealous too ;0..) tfs
    happy crafting

  5. Hey Mike, I'm the guy who built the VHS bookshelf. Thanks for putting this together, and including my piece in there.

    Sam Hensley

    1. Sam - Very fun that you found your way over here! I'm going over your way to have a look around now. Any other great repurposed projects you have hidden away anywhere?

    2. Just some diddlybow one-string blues instruments. You can check those out at

  6. I have lots and lots of VHS tape I would love to donate to some crafty person. If you live within 3 hours of Sacramento, California I will deliver or perhaps we can meet somewhere in the middle if you live further away. Email me at and we can figure out how to make this work.


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