Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Evolution of a Living Room - Part III (1 of 2)

As promised, today's living room tour continues with the details. I'm going to split this into 2 separate posts because I had some fun with Photoshop - and the images are a little larger than normal so I want to make sure it all loads okay. 

Enjoy your peek into my home life, and remember what they say - the love is in the details!

Don't miss more of the details coming up in the post right after this.

Did you miss the first two posts about our living room renovation? 

Until next time...


  1. I love the blue velvet chair even more now that I see some of it's character and history in that leg :) And thanks for sharing where all the different pieces in your home came from (or how they came to be). It's so nice to remember back on how each piece of the room came together!

    1. Jamie - I couldn't believe it. Out of 20 boxes that were sent over, my beloved $25 garage sale chair was the only thing damaged. And the missing leg was no where to be found. So, the furniture doc here gave it a new leg. It's wonky...but I like it that way and I'm gonna keep it just as it is.

  2. I like your little eifel towers - what a great thing to collect! They look wonderful tucked in with shelves of books. And such a fabulous idea for the sewing box too! You have a beautiful home :)

    1. Diane - thank you so much! And that coming from someone who has a home I would die for! The little eiffel towers - glad you noticed them. My Swedish man proposed at the top of the we always pick up one of these kitchy tourist pieces each time we visit Paris. It's become a little tradition.

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