Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For the Birds - Spotlight on Brian Carlisle

The latest issue of Artizen Magazine is out and my interview with the brilliant Brian Carlisle starts on page 50.

I became a fan of Brian's work the instant I first saw his creations over at JunkMarket Style where he's a regular contributor. Make sure to check out his interview, and I'll let the beautiful images of his work below speak for themselves.

If you want to catch Brian to snatch one of his fabulously funky recycled creations, you'll find him hanging out here:

And don't miss that article where you'll find more great photos of Brian's creations.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this guy's stuff. I hope to someday have a stockpile of stuff like his to make things from...someday...

  2. Sorry, but the pictures are not showing up, at least not for me, although the previous commenter seems to have been able to see them. Love your blog and you're in my blogroll. I also Pinterest-follow you.

    1. Maria - I'm not sure what's going on...I see that as well. Let me do some checking.

  3. Thanks again Michael! It feels like Christmas with all this spotlight. Thanks for presenting my work to more and more people!

  4. This interested so much and very unique It will be pretty nice to build a special house that only .i love .


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