Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm Having a Social Media Breakdown

Yes, I admit. There are days when I feel like I'm having a social media breakdown.

I open Facebook thinking I'll just take a quick scan and reply to comments.
"5 minutes max," I say to myself. Must create. Must blog. Must...must...must...
"Oooh, there's a comment from someone new."
I hop over to their FB page to learn more about them.
And because I'm a visual person I click to photos, especially for blogs or a business.
One picture of a project leads to a website.
I make the hop.
"Oooh, nice page design," I say to myself.
I wonder who's behind the blog.
I wonder if they've created something with recycled or repurposed materials.
I look for DIY projects on their site.
Oh, that's cool. Gotta pin that on Pinterest.
Wait, it's from another site.
I make the hop to the new link.
Oooh, my FB friends would love to see that.
I share the project and link on FB.
Thank goodness that's an auto link straight to Twitter.
I pin the photo on Pinterest.
Sometimes I pin it to Pinspire, too.
Hmm....that project would be a great collection theme to put together for my blog.
Open Blogspot and copy the link to a post draft for later reference.
That reminds me, I have to contact X to see if they want to be interviewed for Artizen Magazine.
I think to myself, "Should I be using Google+ ?"
Hmm...what's that site that X has linked on their page?
Oooh, another home DIY site. Should I be posting projects over here, too?
Ugh...I don't have enough time for another site. I'm losing ground.
How does everyone do it?
I can't keep up.
And now it's 3 hours later.
I need to finish replying to my FB comments.
How will I ever be able to start selling my creations?
I don't have enough time to create.

And yesterday I got a visual picture that made me stop dead in my tracks.

Besides the obvious omission of Pinterest (a mistake, I'm sure), this is a great visual showing the main social media software and apps by category. Imagine, this is only a sampling in many of the categories.

No wonder I'm on overload.
How will I ever keep up with 'what's new'?
How will I ever keep up with anything?
I'm having a social media breakdown.
How about you?

Until next time...


  1. oh Mike..that is my morning every morning...Its just so fun, how can it also not be addicting..:) Hope you find all the time you need to keep creating and selling.

    1. Hey there, Karin -
      Problem is...I've never gotten to the point of actually selling! It's still simply a dream.
      Any tips of making it all happen?

  2. I feel the same way. I don't have any solutions except that I stopped beating myself up over participating in every arena. I manually post my projects on my Facebook page. My feed posts to twitter automatically. I pin occasionally. I try to comment on other blogs when I see something worth commenting on. And other than that, my "creative/blog" time is devoted to actually creating.

    I'm right there with you on trying to find time to start a business. I would love to, but haven't found the extra time to develop it yet.

    If anyone claims they are doing it all, they are lying! (Or they aren't sleeping!)

    1. Hi Erin! And you see...I've already jumped over to your place to see what's the latest...before I even responded to this comment! I'm hopeless!

  3. Would love to comment but I am running behind...

    1. Gave me a good laugh! And now I'm fluttering over to your place to look around!

  4. Oh my...I'm right there with overwhelms me!!! I've decided to "focus" for now...Blog, Facebook, Pinterest and's all I can handle for now :) Laurel

    1. Yikes...JunkMarket Style...I've got to get some posts over there!

  5. That diagram blows my tiny mind!

  6. I'm so with you. I'm just starting to really concentrate on my blog (so that I can eventually quit my blasted office job) which means I need to get much more familiar with Twitter (which I hate) than I am. So, of the picture you posted, I'm involved with only a few and I feel like there isn't enough time in the day. And that if I don't somehow find the time, my dreams of blogging will go right down the crapper. Oh well. Just keep swimming, I guess. :)

    1. I know exactly what you mean. How do we break through???

  7. should the title, perhaps, be "social media break-UP?" i'm dying over here! who can paint when there's so much pinning to do??? who can blog when there are so many blogs to read? who can read when there's so much writing to write?

    dishes? yeah, right.

    1. Amy - I'm planning projects for my dust bunnies!

  8. yes, i pinned, tweeted and posted this on FB.



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