Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's That ?! - Repurposed

Okay. This has never happened before. I'm posting a "What's That ?!" series two days in a row. But after Amy over at The Salvage Collection pointed me to this artist for her fabulous button art, I saw these other works of hers and just had to share with you. Uh, excuse me one moment. Note to self...must practice patience in this new year.

So, can you guess what these whimsically twisted horses are made of?

No? Want another look? And don't miss the fabulous recycled jeans flag on the wall!

They are made from...drumroll please...


What I absolutely adore about Ann Carrington's creations is that she works with a variety of materials. Recycled and repurposed materials. My favorites are the plush fur rug, the tree made from tires and innertubes, and of course the button stamp art.

Do you also keep a mental list of people you'd like to have in the same room one day? Mine just keeps on growing. 

Until next time...

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  1. Bet they smell good!

  2. man, you know how to make a blogger feel loved!

    isn't this chick amazing? yep, she'll be invited to my mental dinner party.

    oh, and you'll be on her left.


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