Saturday, June 2, 2012

Recycled Button Bouquet

Last year I made myself a small bunch of recycled button flowers after seeing some on Home Sweet Homemade's blog banner (Hi, Diane). They made me so ridiculously happy. So small, but so full of joy.

I figured if I got that much joy out of a few of them, imagine what would happen if I created a full bouquet! So I made a few here and there over these past months, and next thing ya know I've got myself a bouquet. About 65 of them now.

I really encourage you to try this little DIY for yourself. Why? You'll get little bundles of joy that never wilt and stay in season year 'round.

They also make the perfect gift if you have a friend who needs a smile today.

Check out the super simple recycled button bouquet tutorial here - and send me pics when your flowers bloom!

Until next time...


  1. Love it! This would be cute in my craft room!

    1. Heather - you must try them. I guarantee they will make you happy!

  2. Wonderful! So simple, but so complete and cheerful!

  3. Those are so cute. A couple of them would really jazz up a gift package, too.


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