Monday, April 18, 2011

Guest Post From Simple Home Life

Hello Blue Velvet Chair readers! I'm Jacqueline from Simple Home Life 

I'm really excited to guest post for Blue Velvet Chair and to share my painted rug with you guys but first here is a little info on me.

I'm a stay at home mom and revamp pieces of furniture to sell or a piece for my home. I enjoy being creative and building furniture as well. I love thrift shopping, using pallets, and free stuff. I also enjoy sewing slipcovers and pillows.

Now on To my favorite creation 
My Painted Rug

I picked up a simple cotton rug from Ikea for $5.00
Then printed out a stencil and cut it out and then traced it on to a piece of cardboard, then I cut that out. I copied it onto the cardboard instead of using cardstock. 
I used pen, I tried pencil and a marker but the pen worked the best. I started in the center and traced around the stencil. 

Then I used a small brush to trace the pen lines with Stonington gray by Benjamin Moore
You have to dab it in to make sure it soaks up the paint
Then I took a thicker brush and dab over the lines to make it thicker and keep it the lines the same size

It takes a little bit of time to paint over the lines but its worth it. Then I used polyurethane over the painted lines and applied 2 coast of that. 

Then you let it dry for 24 hours

You can read more about my painted rug here

I hope you enjoyed reading my guest post, and maybe you will want to paint a rug.

Thanks for reading and Thanks to Blue Velvet Chair!

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