Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Day's Worth of DIY Inspiration - Repurposed

If you've checked in today for part 2 of the ottoman how-to, my apologies...the time just ran away from me. Hope you'll come back to visit tomorrow when we'll sit down with our tea or coffee and finish our tutorial discussion together.

Until then, enjoy these fabulous repurposed projects I've been drawn to these past few days.

chairs from repurposed bathtubs
Junktion via Dornob

A Little Glass Box


Repurposed end table turned upside down as dog bed
Lucy Designs

Amazing...aren't they?

Until next time...

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  1. Your blog amazes me every time I log on. Great dog bed and cereal art (mind-boggling). Connie

  2. So crazy! That dog bed is so simple, but sheer genius...

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  4. I love your dog bed. I did one, but it ended up being a little girls doll bed...SMILE!!!

    Love your site

  5. I love your dog bed. I did one but it ended up being a little girls doll bed...SMILE!!

    Love your site

  6. These are really great redos. Thank you for sharing. I especially LOVE the dog bed. It is super cute and so fun!


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