Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finding Your True Colors

I was trying to match some colors from a picture that had that 'it' feeling when I looked at it. So I did a bit of looking around and found these two super-easy-to-use color palatte programs that I think you'll like to play with. Want to match colors in a picture? Or find the perfect color for your next painting project?

Start with this color palette match program from CSS Drive. It's so simple - you have the option to find the color palette in a particular photo with a quick photo upload, or find the palette for a web page that you like by simply entering the URL. The Palette Generator quickly gets results and even gives you light, medium, and dark shades within the same palette. And as if that's not enough, it gives you a full 49 shade palette with every subtle nuanced tone.

The second program is Color Scheme Designer. Just find the little black dot on the color wheel and move it anywhere around the wheel to get a palette according to the schemes you choose - Mono for similar shades, Complement shades, triad, tetrad, etc. I just had a great time moving around the wheel and watching the real-time color palettes appear.

Now it's time to click on some colors!

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  1. Very cool! Just so you know, these would be great tools for scrapbookers too - I saved both sites to use when I'm scrapping! Thanks!

  2. Gotta check these out. I can get in such a rut with picking palettes to tie in with subjects.

  3. I just went and checked out both tools. Wow! These are awesome time savers and just plain fun to mess with. Thanks!!


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