Thursday, July 21, 2011

20 Repurposed Headboards That Wisk You To Dreamland - DIY

I've got headboards on my mind! More importantly, I've got repurposed headboards on my mind as we continue with our it's taking forever bedroom remodel. So I thought I'd share 20 of the most inspiring repurposed headboards that will wisk you right into dreamland!

- aged oars -

Dreamy Whites
- antique doors - 

Better Homes and Gardens
- framed photography -

House Tweaking
- reclaimed boards - 

Better Homes and Gardens
- antique windows -

- antique metal fence -

In My Own Style
- curtains and crown molding -

Better Homes and Gardens
- fence gate -

DIY Network
- shelves -

Better Homes and Gardens
- vintage scarves -

Better Homes and Gardens
- antique fireplace mantle -

Source: Unknown
- antique fireplace surround and mantle -

Apartment Therapy
- IKEA mirrors -

Kara Paslay Designs
-corrugated tin-

- tree trunk and branches - 

aka design
- wood strips -

Fab Rehab Creations
- 2 frames -

Do It Yourself
- letters -

Which one is your favorite? Have you seen other unique repurposed headboards? Leave a comment and share the creative inspiration!

For more inspiration, check out my Pinterest board.

Until next time....

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  1. I have to say they are all so awesome but my favorite is the second photo with the antique doors.

  2. I pinned a couple of these, some of them I already had!....great minds...:)
    thanks for sharing them

  3. These are SO fabulous!! I love the oars! Thanks for featuring my headboard!

  4. Love them ALL! Do i have to choose? I just can't. Awesome collection!

  5. Isn't it funny how you get something in mind and then that's all you can see all around? I love putting these collections together - glad you all enjoy them as well.

  6. I would like to invite you over to see what I did with a window for a head board...Love your site...lots of joyy of art...Thank-You

  7. These are wonderful! Thank you for the collection.

  8. This makes me wish I had many, many bedrooms...thought the antique windows and shelves are my favourites. Thank you for the vitual mood board!

    1. Jeannie - I know! I've always said I need multiple houses to fit my multiple design aesthetics. But alas, I have just one home, so a hodge podge of design ends up here. But I love it that way.

    2. how do you afix the oars to the 2x4 shown at the bottom?

  9. Nice collection!
    Ciao, I'm Sara and this is my blog


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