Friday, October 14, 2011

Art Can't Hurt You

It's one of my favorite quotes of all time. Art can't hurt you. I bought it on a magnet at an art show in Phoenix, AZ (oh so long ago and far away from present days in Sweden). I think of it all the time when I'm creating my 'something from nothing' projects.

Art doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, either....if you can do this!

Faber Castell from eric yeo on Vimeo.

All you need is paper and a pen....that doesn't cost a lot...IF you can do this. And if we can't (I can't, can you?), then we are destined for the sidelines of admiration and appreciation of the talent of Singapore artist Chan Hwee Chong.

I saw this feature post over at Colossal, and just had to stop and stare at the images.

Appreciating art in so many forms...isn't it lovely?

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  1. "Art can't hurt you!" Your magnet must be from the Fred Babb quote. I have some pins with the same quote, from (hooboy) about a million years ago?

    Did you know, he's still alive, producing work -

  2. Ooop ... no longer with us/producing work, sorry 'bout that!

  3. @ThatCleverClementine - OMG! I can't believe you found that based on the quote...yes, that is it - the magnet design is from a painting of his that has the quote over a sofa. Too bad that Fred has passed away. What quintessentially phoenician colors he used! Does that mean you are in Arizona? I am just so impressed that you figure out the artist and help revive my own memories. Too funny!


  4. Funny how memorable that simple saying is, right?

    No, I lived in Chicago then (DC now.) But I used to see his pins and posters and earrings (I think I still have a pair)at art fairs, like you did. I bought two of the "Arts Saves Life" pins. Wore them "for work" -- to arts eds meetings, etc. It helped stimulate lots of discussions with "non-artists."

    I'll have to dig out my pins, maybe I'll get a pic up on my blog or Pinterest!


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