Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Semi-Extreme Home (Uh, Office) Makeover - Part II

Time for another episode of the Semi-Extreme Home (Uh, Office) Makeover.

So, while I'm waiting for inspiration to come down and strike me over the head - giving me just the right idea for a window treatment - I finally brought out the message board that I made over 4 years ago (not kidding) alongside my mom who was over here for a vacay visit. And although I was absolutely in love with this message board and she turned out exactly how I wanted, she never found a wall to call home - but survived being moved around umpteen times from storage space to storage space.

Well, now she has a home and is ready to strut her stuff.

Just like the legendary Coco Chanel, she has a lot of skeletons in her closet. For instance, just take one look at her backside and you'll see she's not as fancy as she appears. In fact, she's made from a piece cardboard, batting, some scrap muslin material, and packing tape. However, and just like the original Coco, her accessories are impeccable with vintage ribbon (actually from Paris) and mismatched black vintage buttons. 

How to? Lay the batting over the cardboard, then wrap the muslin around, and glue on the backside. Use the packing tape to hold it in place while the glue dries, and then decide to leave the tape on there forever and ever. Lay the ribbon in place - criss crossing each other to form the harlequin pattern - and glue around on the backside. Again...tape to hold while drying. Find a large, thick needle that will go through the cardboard and thread on your buttons at the connecting points of the ribbon. Use a thick thread or even embroidery threads and tie on the backside. 

How did we hang her? By placing the screws discretely behind the ribbons near each of the four corners. So it looks like she is magically hanging without hardware.

Voila! She's gorgeous, and has found herself a home in the (hopefully) soon to be revealed office remodel.

I can't wait to expand her line of accessories. Right now they include my inspiration for the office, Elianne from Carambatack Design in Norway, and photos of my babes as babies. Elianne will be framed, but until that time she complements Coco.

Now if I could only talk Diane from In My Own Style to come for a window treatment consultation! Well, here's to dreaming.

Until next time...

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