Monday, August 1, 2011

Trash? Or Art!

Here's what you'll see from across the room. I would absolutely love to have a version of this artwork in my home. I love the soft colors and the lack of a distinct image. Can you guess what it's made from?

Here's a closer look. Does it look familiar yet?

I simply adore and admire anyone who takes trash / discarded items / junk and creates something so spectacularly beautiful. This 8' x 5' art piece is made of approximately 40,000 pieces of junk mail. JUNK MAIL! 

photos from Rag & Bone

I'm a loyal recycler (thanks, Sweden, for making it a part of everyday living), but I'll be thinking twice next time I get a stack of junk mail...can I make something this beautiful?

I also loved listening to Amanda Nelsen, the artist of this artwork, as she talked about her work with 'found paper'. Take a look if you want a quick 5 minutes of feel-good inspiration.

Looking for recycled / repurposed paper projects for your own project inspiration? Then you'll want to take a peek at 25 of the best DIY repurposed magazine projects that I found across the Internet.

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  1. so beautiful! thanks for sharing this

  2. That is amazing...there's no way I'd have the patience, but wouldn't it be fun to get all those little packs and arrange and rearrange them until it's 'perfect?' Go for it, Mike!!

  3. It makes me cringe to have to throw away all that junk paper. You have taken it to a high level...I appreciate you for your efforts and the art is beautiful!


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