Monday, November 21, 2011

Artizen Magazine

The newest edition of Artizen Magazine is out....with an article by yours truly (on page 30)! Just click on the cover below and you'll head straight there.

If you haven't checked out this magazine's the time. It's free and it's digital, and it doesn't get any better than that!  Cindy Marks is the creative director for the magazine and you can find her at Facebook  or the Artizen Magazine website.

I'm so excited because Cindy asked if I was interested to contribute (as if it were up for discussion) and I get to showcase my favorites - recycled and repurposed artists and artisans. And here's a sneak peek at my feature this month.

Ina was born in Chile but has been living in Barcelona, Spain, for the past several years. She works with recycled clothes in a style that reminds me of knit bombing (you might remember my own style of knit bombing...since I don't knit!). Check out the full article to learn more.

While you are there, leave your e-mail at Artizen Magazine and you'll get a monthly notification when the newest editions are published.

Until next time...

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  1. Great article!!! You have to be so excited :)

  2. wow - I'm so impressed and excited for you Michael! Congratulations - I am such an admirer of the way you see the world and stretch your imagination to reveal art and beauty in ordinary things. sending a big hug :)

  3. Looks like interesting. It's a great thing to do.


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