Friday, February 3, 2012

Anthropologie Knock-Off

There's just something about eclectic and funky and a little bit off center that really speaks to me. And I'm afraid to ask what that says about me! But it's certainly why I find projects like this one absolutely irresistible.

Abbie over at Five Days 5 Ways made her own Anthropologie knock-off candlestick towers. They remind me of the garden towers I've been seeing around, and the garden towers I've already started for myself. Now I may have to add these candle towers to the list!

Anyone else with me?

Until next time...

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  1. The Anthropologie versions, as well as being overpriced, are too... organized? rigid? static? There's no flow of creation or imagination. The "knock offs" are more whimsical and free. I've been stacking orphaned china saucers and glass dessert together to make little whatnot bowls for change and jewelry, but I'd be afraid my clumsiness would destroy a tower like those like Godzilla in Tokoyo. :D

    1. Wendy - I totally agree with you. It's the whimsy of the knock-offs that make them so great. I think if you have a wide enough base at the bottom, you'll be okay. So - stack away and try one! And let us know if you do.

  2. wow wow wow , i love them , i am soooo going to raid my shed and second hand shop for lots of bits to use on my candlesticktower
    thanks so much for sharing

    1. Aren't they just divine?! I'm gonna start looking around my own stash to see if I can make one. Otherwise...thrift store here I come!

  3. I agree, the Anthro ones are too 'put together'. I enjoy the knock off much better, plus you can make it theme-ey if you want!

  4.'ve got me thinking...for the longest time I have had these metal candle holders that are flat at the bottom...perfect for the crowning end piece for these creations...and god knows I have plenty of "filler"...thanks for a fantastic inspiration!


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