Friday, February 10, 2012

Friends With Benefits

No...not those kinds of friends with benefits! I'm talkin' about friends who know the manager of a big thrift store and arrange to get you in the store and warehouse before opening hours!

Yesterday I took a drive to my friend L's town about an hour away. They have a great thrift store that is only open 2 days each week - and we had backstage passes! We were on a mission to go through their buttons to restock supplies, but of course we got sidetracked in every direction.

And do you want to know what why I don't mind driving an hour to visit this thrift store (and my friend)? Here's a bit of the view along the way between my town and her town. This is what a typical winter day looks like in West Sweden. No Photoshop. Perhaps it's no wonder that I often describe the weather here as 'gray'. Just 'gray'. But the scenery is divine!

this is a dog kennel

entrance at Nääs Castle

Nääs Castle (although called a castle by translation,
this is more like a mansion house)

up close at Nääs Castle

Nääs Castle bridge

the stone barn at Nääs Castle

Until next time...


  1. That sounds like a wonderful trip! Those are benefits I would love to have!! :)

  2. Perfect trip to such a fantastic place to shop. Could you tell me the address of this thriftshop I might get a chance to visit it during the summer.

  3. Ohhh, I want to go next time! :)


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